The company operates and promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility legislation and considers customers with disabilities equal customers, who are entitled to benefit from full accessibility on the company's website.
The purpose of this part of the website is to inform about the company's accessibility arrangements.
All the company's employees know – all the company's employees know about the requirements of the law with an emphasis on the prohibition of discrimination, the provision of equal service in an inclusive environment, and the company's accessibility arrangements for customers with disabilities.
Service trainings for employees – the service employees were trained in providing service to people with disabilities as well as the managers of the centers.
Telephone service centers – our service centers are available and accessible for all our customers, including people with disabilities. The voice response is adapted and is without background music, at a slow pace.
Delivery of information in an accessible format – the company provides its customers with the option of receiving information in accessible formats. The delivery of the information is free of charge and intended for people with disabilities. For inquiries and information on accessibility, you can contact the company's accessibility coordinator as shown below.
Hotel Navel David Netanya
3 rooms are accessible to guests with partial disabilities
4 rooms are accessible to guests with complete disabilities
Disabled services are available in the lobby, spa, pool and ground floor
In the spa and pool there are showers for the disabled
There are auxiliary systems for the hard of hearing
There are disabled parking spaces in the hotel parking lot
There are accessible elevators
There is a lift to the pool in the hotel pool

Contact person:

Denis Marmas

Phone number – +972-54-944-2743

Email –